Brand Profile

PRAN entered in the market in 1994 launching Glass bottle. In 2003 they launched pet bottle. After pet bottle was introduced, it increases the market share.

Product description

Maxx Cola launched in 2008 in PET bottle for the first time in Bangladesh. As the beverage is in PET bottle so it seems so trendy, portable & handy & due to its visibility attributes peoples are getting influenced to have the beverage.

Maxx cola re launched with its unique bottle, logo, label and taste since 2015. Now MAXX is one of the most iconic and recognized consumer brand in Bangladesh. The MAXX portfolio include three flavor –Cola, Lemon & orange.

SKU of Bottle

250ml, 330ml Can, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml

Maxx Cola attribute

When people feel thirst they would like to make himself refresh and to meet his thirst, he feel to take beverage to meet the demand/thirstiness.

“Maxx Meet the Thirst quencher.
Refresh an exhausted individual.”
Maxx Cola enhance food taste after consume rich food or fast food like Briaynai, Burger, Pizza etc…

Present Pay-Off line: “Masti Hoby Sarabela”

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Pack Type: Pet & Can

Launched: 2015

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